PRESTo, the earthquake earlywarning system for Southern Italy: Concepts, capabilities and future perspectives

Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 2010, doi:10.1016/j.soildyn.2010.06.008
Caudio Satriano, Luca Elia, Claudio Martino, Maria Lancieri, Aldo Zollo, Giovanni Iannaccone


PRESTo(PRobabilisticandEvolutionaryearlywarningSysTem) is a software platform for regionalearthquake earlywarning that integrates recently developed algorithms for real-time earthquake location and magnitude estimation in to a highly configurable and easily portable package.The systemis under active experimentation in Southern Italy on the Irpini a Seismic Network(ISNet),which is deployed in a seismogenic are a that is expected to produce a large earthquake with in the next 20years. In this paper we describe the architecture of the system and test its performances using both small earthquakes(Mo3.5) recorded at the ISNet and a large event recorded in Japan, through a simulation mode.The results show that, when a dense seismic network is deployed in the fault area,PRESTo can produce reliable estimates of earthquake location and size within 5–6s from the event origin. Each estimate is provided as a probability density function, with an uncertainty that typically decreases with time: a stable solution is generally reached within 10s from the origin.
Thanks to its fully probabilistic approach, PRESTo can be a powerful toolfor end-users in addressing the trade-off problem of whether and when to initiate safety measures. The software makes use of widespread standards for real-time data input and output,and can be finely tuned to easily adaptit to different networks and seismogenic regions.
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