High energy neutrinos to see inside the Earth

Earth Planets Space, 62, 205–209, 2010, doi: 10.5047/eps.2009.06.002
E. Borriello, G. De Lellis, G. Mangano, A. Marotta, G. Miele, P. MigliozzI, C. Moura, S. Pastor, O. Pisanti,P. Strolin, and A. Zollo


The new chances offered by elementary particles as probes of the internal structure of our planet are briefly reviewed, by paying particular attention to the case of high energy neutrinos. In particular, the new results concerning the shadow of mountains on ντ flux at Pierre Auger Observatory is briefly discussed, and moreover the possibility to use the tail of atmospheric neutrinos to probe the core/mantle transition region is just sketched.
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